Introducing the Paper Clutter
Solution Program™

Finally Get Your Hands on What You Need WHEN You Need It!

The Paper Clutter Solution Virtual Program Is For You If:

  • You ever waste valuable time digging through endless piles of paper to find the ONE THING you actually need!
  • You ever get super frustrated because you misplaced a document that you literally JUST HAD yesterday! 
  • You've ever been late paying a bill because you missed it in your PILE OF PAPERS


Here's The 5 Step Paper R.E.S.E.T. System That
You'll Learn in the Training

Step1: Remove all Paper Piles

You'll learn exactly the BEST WAY remove ALL PAPER PILES and get everything in one place to sort.

There is a right way and a wrong way to do this, and I'll guide you step by step so you get it right the FIRST TIME.


Step 2: Evaluate what to Keep and What to TOSS

You may have already heard about my "Action Box" for organizing paper, but there are specific steps to follow so you can make the best decisions possible around which papers to file, and which to TOSS!

(This is often the hardest step, as many of my clients have a hard time getting rid of paper. That stops NOW!)

You should keep only what you need...and I'll show you how to do it, complete with my "Keep or Toss Checklist" that my clients absolutely LOVE!

Step 3: Systematize Papers

You need to have a clear system so you know EXACTLY what to do with the papers that you DO keep. In this part of the class I'll show you:

- How to color code things so you can get your hands on the important stuff quickly
- How to easily know which papers just need storage, vs need ACTION taken on them
- How to set up your color coded system so it best fits YOUR needs and lifestyle

Step 4: Experience the EASE of Your New System

In this step you'll learn how to TEST your new color coded system to make sure it is working for you.

After all, the best way to see if something is working is to test it in real life, right?

Step 5: Track and Maintain a Clutter Free Environment

You'll learn exactly how in just 15 minutes per day, you can stay on track, and never have to HUNT FOR PAPERS again when you need them!

The key to any successful system is maintaining the momentum once you've made changes to how you organize your life!

You'll Get All of This in an Easy to Use Membership Portal:

  • - 7 on demand audio and video training modules to access at YOUR convenience
  • - Printable .pdf action guides to help you get on track and STAY on track
  • - Proven exploration exercises to make sure that you implement this program in a way that best serves YOUR lifestyle
  • - A complete resources guide so you know exactly what Diane recommends you purchase to help you keep things organized. Getting the right system matters. Use Diane's recommendations and take the guess work out of it!
  • - BONUS - A special module to help you get your COMPUTER files and emails organized!

PLUS Access to a Members Only Private FACEBOOK Group Where You Can Interact with Other Students and Your Mentor, Diane Halfman

Accountability and support are key contributors to long term success.

I want you to not only learn HOW to do this, but to be able to ask questions, support others, and learn from each other's application of the systems I teach.

Isn't It Time You Gave Yourself the Gift of Getting Rid of Paper Clutter?

Diane Halfman is an expert in helping people gain clarity and freedom by living in their ultimate personal spaces. For more than 23 years, she has moved people from overwhelm to GET IT DONE, and she can do the same for you!

Invest in the Paper Clutter Solution Virtual Program Today and Transform Your Life and Your Business! 

All of this for just $797

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for whatever reason you've implemented Diane's teachings from this course, and you don't feel you received the value that you were promised, you can request a refund up to 30 days after your purchase. 

Disclaimer: You must have actually completed the modules, and taken the action steps... I promise you if you don't feel more organized after doing that...I will refund your purchase.