Introducing the Clutter to Calm Academy™

Get Rid of the Clutter, Simplify Your Life and Create Clarity, Freedom, and Momentum in Your Life and Business. 

The Clutter to Calm Academy Is For You If ANY Of This Sounds Familiar:

  • You feel like your life or your business is clogged up with clutter everywhere you look
  • You ever waste valuable time digging through endless piles of paper to find the ONE THING you actually need!
  • You've ever felt overwhelmed and frustrated when you walk into your closet to find something to wear
  • You've ever been late paying a bill because you missed it in your PILE OF PAPERS
  • Your kitchen stresses you out, and instead of cooking healthy, you find yourself grabbing what's easy. 
  • Your garage or attic might qualify as a "disaster area" - and they've become the dumping ground for endless piles of stuff that you don't know what to do with

"Diane is a Magician!"

Diane offers the complete clearing of clutter and anything that is weighing you down, and brings out the nuggets of joy and beauty which will be reflected in every area of your life .

Liana Chaouli - Image Therapist, Beverly Hills, CA

"I created a well-oiled machine"

Diane helped me unpack, scale down, clear out over 40 years of clutter, and put solid structures in place to make that well-oiled machine run pristinely. My physical space will support me to carry out the future activities of my business and life.

Lara Habig - CEO and Founder of Limitless Soul



Here's What's Included in the Clutter to Calm Academy 

All modules offer on demand access.
You can complete the modules at your own pace. 
Audio and video training PLUS worksheets, assessments and MORE!

Module 1: Master the Inner Game of Organization!

- Find out the ACTUAL COST of clutter in your life, and what's really possibly when you remove it for good!

- Create a clear vision for your DREAM SPACE

- Create a NEW RELATIONSHIP with your stuff, so you can easily create your dream space, and stick to your plan of action

- Learn the system to create INSTANT GRATIFICATION by organizing some of your most cluttered spaces (purse, desk, kitchen counter) in just 15 minutes!

Module 2: De-Clutter your CLOSET!

- Learn to create stress free mornings, by having a super organized DREAM CLOSET

- You'll have a system for knowing exactly what to keep and what to toss or donate

- Experience the joy of being able to wear everything in your closet, while LOVING 
every piece!

Module 3: OWN Your Office Space!

- Get your hands on what you need WHEN you need it and eliminate paper piles
for good!

- Know exactly which papers to KEEP or TOSS so you can preserve your new clutter-free work space

- You'll know exactly how to color code papers so you can get your hands on the important stuff quickly

- Learn to customize your color coded ACTION BOX organizing system so it best fits YOUR needs and lifestyle

Module 4: Transform your KITCHEN!

- Finally get your cupboards, pantry and refrigerator completely organized and learn an easy system for choosing what to KEEP OR TOSS

- Have all of the things you need in your kitchen easily accessibly to support the lifestyle YOU want to live

- Learn to maintain your new organized kitchen space so you stay on track

Module 5: Get Control of Your Storage Spaces!

- Be able to actually find stuff in your storage spaces when you need it

- Have a system for sorting your stuff so you can easily decide what stays and what needs to go

- Maintain a simple, organized storage space so you never need to take up valuable space again storing things you just don't need.

- Get rid of that "house of cards" feeling, that if you move one thing, the entire pile of stuff will come crashing down on you! (C' know this happens)

You'll Get All of This in an Easy to Use Membership Portal:

PLUS Access to a Members Only Private FACEBOOK Group Where You Can Interact with Other Students and Your Mentor, Diane Halfman

Accountability and support are key contributors to long term success.

I want you to not only learn HOW to do this, but to be able to ask questions, support others, and learn from each other's application of the systems I teach.

Isn't It Time You Gave Yourself the Gift of Getting Rid of Clutter Once and For All?

Diane Halfman is an expert in helping people gain clarity and freedom by living in their ultimate personal spaces. For more than 23 years, she has moved people from overwhelm to GET IT DONE, and she can do the same for you!

She holds a Masters Degree in Human Resources Management with emphasis in Structure and Systems, and rounding out her skill set, Diane has been an Ultimate Game of Life Certified Coach since 2009.


Invest in the Clutter to Calm Academy Today and Transform Your Life and Your Business! 

All of this for just $1997

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for whatever reason you've implemented Diane's teachings from this course, and you don't feel you received the value that you were promised, you can request a refund up to 30 days after your purchase. 

Disclaimer: You must have actually completed the modules, and taken the action steps... I promise you if you don't feel more organized after doing that...I will refund your purchase.